Hot sale biodegradable stand up white craft paper bath salt packaging pouch

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We have 10 years experiences for mylar food packaging bags,we can provide the best service / good quality and fast production time.

For digital print, Moq 500pcs, the production time is 7-10days;

The thickness:80-180micron

Product Detail

Product Tags


Product Parameter (Specification)




Stand Up Pouch Approximate Weight Based on


(Width X Height + Bottom Gusset)


Pet food

sp1 80mm X 130mm + 50mm 100-130


sp2 110mm x 170mm + 70mm 100-130


sp3 130mm x 210mm + 80mm 100-130


sp4 160mm X 230mm + 90mm 100-130


sp5 190mm x 260mm + 100mm 100-130


sp6 235mm x 335mm + 120mm 100-160


sp7 300mm X 500mm + 150mm 100-160


sp8 380mm x 550mm + 180mm 100-160


Please note Due to different bulk densities of product they will hold different measure of product dependant
on the product you are packing. Above dimensions may very +/- 5mm


Product Feature And Application

Biodegradable Packaging is Plant-Based

One of the predominate base materials for this is Polylactic Acid (PLA), which is an eco-friendly material made of sugar cane, starch and corn. PLA is primarily created using renewable or green sources. Biodegradable packaging is not recyclable. This might seem strange, but the goal of biodegrdable packaging is different than recycable packaging. 

The huge advantage of PLA as a biodegradable packaging is its adaptability and the way that it normally decompose when exposed to the environment.

Hot sale biodegradable stand up white craft paper bath salt packaging pouch (2)


Production Detail


FDA Approved

BPA & Phthalate Free

High Clarity

Insects, fungi, mold, and mildew resistant

High Barrier Options Available

Good flatness and coefficient of friction for machine loading

Heat Sealable + Tear Resistant

Hot sale biodegradable stand up white craft paper bath salt packaging pouch (1)


Product Qualification

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Deliver,Shipping And Serving

By sea and express, also you can choose the shipping by your forwarder.It will take 5-7 days by express and 45-50 days by sea.

Q1:Will compostable plastics break down?

Compostable bio-plastics will break down into soil unlike traditional plastics which last for hundreds of years. Most compostable plastics are intended to be composted in an industrial or commercial composting system, and may take much longer to break down under normal, at-home conditions. It’s also possible that the bag will take much long to break down with your product in it — depending on what your product is.

Q2: Are compostable plastic bags freezer safe?

Yes, compostable plastic bags can be stored in the freezer.

Q3: Are compostable plastic bags good for heated food?

Yes, compostable plastic bags can withstand food up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q4: Can you tell the difference between compostable plastic and regular plastic?

No, compostable plastic and regular plastic look and feel the same.


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