Custom Print Coffee Packaging Bags

Stand Out Your Brand with Our Custom Coffee Bags

We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient way to store your coffee bean and coffee powder. Our custom printed coffee packaging bags have you covered! Our coffee bean bags are not only capable of helping your coffee products preserving freshness and flavor, but also helping your pouches deeply impress your target customers. Our premium printed coffee package in vibrant colors and exquisite design enable the building of excellent brand image. Trust us to provide you with the best coffee bag packaging solutions!

What Perfect Customization Services We Offer

Different Types: Varieties of coffee bags options are offered to suit your customized needs. Stand up zipper bags, flat bottom pouches, three-side sealing bags etc. are provided here.   

Optional Sizes: Our coffee pouch packaging comes in various specifications: 250g, 500g, 1kg, and 1lb, 2.5lb, 5lb coffee bags. Different sizes and specifications of coffee pouches are also available.

Various Styles: Our coffee beans bags bottom styles come in three styles: Plow-Bottom, K-style Bottom with skirt seal, and Doyen-Style Bottom. They all enjoy strong stability and visually appealing looking. 

Diversified Finish Options: Glossy, Matte, Soft Touch, Spot UV, and Holographic finishes are all available options for you here. Finish options all function well in helping adding luster to your original packaging design. 

Popular Packaging Options You Can Choose For

Flat Bottom Bags: The most popular types of flexible coffee bags is Flat Bottom Pouch. Flat bottom bag feature its three-dimensional structure, offering larger capacity and higher stability. Also its bottom design allows itself to stand out from other competitors by its stand upright ability.

Side Gusset Bags: Another common type is Side Gusset Bags. Side gusset bags are characterized by its folding ability, providing more printable space for your brand logo, exquisite patterns and nice illustrations, well suitable for showcasing your brand identity.

Three Side Seal Bags: If you require trial packaging or small-capacity packaging, our three-side sealing coffee bags are your best choice. These bags are relatively small and light, easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go consumers. 

Why Choose Dingli Pack to Customize Coffee Bags

Create unique coffee bags with valve will help your products stand out from competitors, further inspiring customers’ buying decisions. At Dingli Pack, with over ten years of experience, we’re dedicated to providing multiple packaging solutions for diversified brands. Create Your personalized coffee bags!   

Material Selection:

The packaging material used for whole coffee beans and ground coffee does matter to keeping their premium quality and lasting fragrance. Hence, selecting proper packaging material is crucial. Here are some perfect packaging material choices for your guidance:

-When it comes to coffee valve packaging, our top recommendation is a pure aluminum three-layer laminated structure---PET/AL/LLDPE. This material provides excellent barrier properties for maintaining the freshness and quality of your coffee beans and ground coffee.

-Another highly recommended option is PET/VMPET/LLDPE, which offers excellent barrier properties as well. If you like matte finish, we can offer MOPP/VMPET/LLDPE for your choice.

-For those who prefer a matte effect, we also offer a four-layer structure with the addition of a matte OPP layer on the outermost part.

7. Soft Touch Material

Soft Touch Material

8. Kraft Paper Material

Kraft Paper Material

9. Holographic Foil Material

Holographic Foil Material

10. Plastic Material

Plastic Material

11.Biodegradable Material

Biodegradable Material

12. Recyclable Material

Recyclable Material

Print Options

15. Gravure Printing

Gravure Printing

Gravure printing obviously applies inked cylinder onto printed substrates, allowing for great details, vibrant colors, and excellent image reproduction, well suitable for those with high-quality image requirements.

16. Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing is an efficient method of directly transferring digital-based images onto printed substrates, featuring its fast and quick turnaround ability, nicely suitable for on-demand and small print runs. 

17. Spot UV Printing

Spot UV Printing

Spot UV adds a gloss coating on such spots of your packaging bags as your brand logo and product name, while having other place uncoated in a matte finish. Make your packaging more eye-catching with Spot UV printing!

Functional Features

18. Pocket Zipper

Pocket Zipper

Pocket zippers can be opened and closed repeatedly, allowing customers to reseal their pouches even if opened, thus maximizing the freshness of coffee and preventing them from becoming stale.

19. Degassing Valve

Degassing Valve

Degassing valve effectively allows the excessive CO2 to escape from bags and stops oxygen from entering back into bags, thereby ensuring your coffee stays fresh even longer.

20. Tin-tie


Tin-tie is designed to block moisture or oxygen from contaminating fresh coffee beans, mainly used for convenient storage and re-usable function for coffee. 

Coffee Bags FAQs

Q1: What is your coffee packaging made of?

Our coffee packaging consists of layers of protective films, all of which are functional and capable of maintaining freshness. Our custom printing coffee packaging can be fully customized to different material pouches to fit your requirements.

Q2: What types of packaging are best for coffee?

Aluminum foil coffee bags, stand up zipper coffee bags, flat bottom coffee bags, three side seal coffee bags are all functioning well in storing coffee beans products. Other types of packaging bags can be customized as your requirements.  

Q3: Do you offer sustainable or recyclable options for coffee and coffee bean packaging?

Absolutely yes. Recyclable and biodegradable coffee packaging bags are offered to you as needed. PLA and PE materials are degradable and cause less damage to the environment, and you can choose those material as your packaging materials to maintain your coffee quality. 

Q4: Can my brand logo and product illustrations be printed onto packaging surface?

Yes. Your brand logo and product illustrations can be clearly printed on every side of coffee pouches as you like. Choosing Spot UV printing can nicely create a visually appealing effect on your packaging.