Custom Print Beauty Packaging Bags

Level Up Your Brand Game with Custom Packaging Design

Choosing appropriate packaging bags for body scrub and bath salt products is extremely crucial for most business. Our custom printed body scrub and bath salt pouches are characterized by their strong ability to protect inner contents from light and oxygen, making sure body scrubs and bath salts stay fresh and clean. Layers of protective foils can be laminated onto packaging to create the excellent environment for your skincare products. We Dingli Pack are dedicated to offering you the perfect packaging solutions, helping your cosmetic products successfully stand out from other competitors. Trust us and take action now!

2. customized body scrub packaging bags

Body scrub always contains such delicate ingredients that should be kept away from exposure to moisture and air, making aluminum foil stand up pouches the first choice for most body scrub products. Attached resealable zipper closures, our customized body scrub packaging bags aim to not only keep the contents secure and prevent any leakage, but also provide customers with easy-to-open option. 

Bath salts products are so vulnerable to environmental factors that necessitate durable and high-quality bath salt packaging bags, enabling them to be kept securely and away from light and moisture to maintain their original quality. Our personalized bath salt pouches laminated with protective foils feature their airtight structure, without worries about deterioration, furthest retain their original fragrance and scent.  

3. personalized bath salt bag

Customize Your Unique Cosmetic Packaging Bags

Create custom cosmetic packaging bags in exquisite design will help your products stand out from your competitors, further inspiring your customers’ buying decisions. At Dingli Pack, with over ten years of experience, we’re dedicated to providing multiple perfect packaging solutions for diversified brands and industries. Make your products unique with a total customization.

Choose Your Printing Options

4. Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Matte finish features its non-shiny appearance and smooth texture, lending a sophisticated and modern looking and creating a sense of elegance of whole packaging design.

5. Glossy Finish

Glossy Finish

Glossy finish nicely provides shiny and reflective effect on printed surfaces, making printed objects appear more three-dimensional and lifelike, perfectly looking vibrant and visually striking.

6. Holographic Finish

Holographic Finish

Holographic finish provides distinctive looking by creating mesmerizing and ever-changing pattern of colors and shapes, enabling packaging visually captivating and attention-grabbing.

Choose Your Functional Features

7. Clear Window


Add a clear window to your stand bath salt pouches can give customers the opportunity to see clearly the state of contents inside, nicely enhancing their curiosity and trust in your brand. 

8. tear notches

Tear Notches

Tear notch allows your whole lay flat bath salt bags to be tightly sealed in case of contents spillage, meanwhile, allowing your customers to access contents inside with ease.

9. flip lid spout cap

Flip Lid Spout Cap

Flip Lid Spout Cap features a hinge and lid with small pin that functions ad a cork to close the small dispenser opening. The twist on cap may also be fully removed to expose a wider opening.

Custom Body Scrub & Bath Salt Packaging Bags FAQs

Q1: What materials do you offer for cosmetic products packaging?

Our flexible skincare packaging bags are made with layers of premium films that well protect the products inside from environmental elements such as moisture and oxygen. Our standing zipper pouches can be filled to hold various cosmetic products such as body scrub and lotion. 

Q2: What types of cosmetic beauty products do you offer packaging for?

Our flexible three side sealing bags, flat bottom pouches, are ideal for a variety of different beauty products, covering wide range from oils, shampoo, lotion, bath salts.  

Q3: Do you offer sustainable or eco-friendly options for cosmetic packaging?

Absolutely yes. We have a variety of different such eco-friendly beauty packaging options as recyclable packaging bags(PE), biodegradable packaging bags(PLA). Another sustainable packaging options are also offered to choose for you.