Custom Print Fish Lure Bags

Level Up Your Brand Game with Custom Fishing Lure Packaging Bags

How to keep fish lure products fresh is always a troubling problem for each fishing enthusiast.  At Dingli Pack, our custom printed fish lure packaging bags are made of layers of protective films, dedicated to providing excellent barrier property for your fishing baits. Our airtight bait packaging bags nicely help in organizing your bait products more effectively in case of their being easily corroded by external environmental factors. Trust us to deliver your brand to the next level with our premium baits lure fishing bags. 

Features of Our Customized Fish Lure Packaging Bags

Clear Transparency: Our fish lures soft plastic bags are made from transparent materials, allowing a clear view of the fishing lure inside, enabling easy identification of lures without needing open the whole pouch.

Resealable Closures: Our fishing lure zipper bags come with resealable zipper closures, ensuring tight sealing ability to nicely prevent baits from falling out of pouches and offer convenient access when needed.  

Light-Weight and Flexible: Clear fishing lure packaging bags are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to handle and store, taking up minimal space and conveniently being folded or stacked when not in use.

Tear-Resistant: Our window fish lure packaging bags are made from tear-resistant materials to withstand rough handling and potential punctures, ensuring inside contents remain safe and secure.

Additional Functional Features Available

6. window


Add a window to your fishing lure packaging can give customers the opportunity to see clearly the state of contents inside, nicely enhancing their curiosity and trust in your brand.

7. hanging holes

Hanging Hole

Hanging holes allow your products to be hung on racks, offering more eye-level visibility to consumers in an instant when picking their favourite products.

8. resealable zipper

Resealable Zipper

Such zipper closures facilitate baits packaging bags to be resealed repeatedly, reducing the situations of food waste and extending shelf life for lures products as possible.

Common Types of Fishing Bait Packaging Bags

9. custom printed fishing bait packaging bags

Custom Printed Fishing Bait Packaging Bags

10. fish lure baits packaging bag

Fish Lure Baits Packaging Bag

11. custom fishing lure bag

Custom Fishing Lure Bag

Feature Product——Kraft Paper Bait Bags & Blister Plastic Lure Bags

This new series of fishing lure packaging bags is divided into two parts: Kraft Paper Bait Packaging Bags & Blister Plastic Fish Lure Packaging Bags.

Blister fish lure packaging bag, made of clear and hard plastic, is designed to hold and protect the inside fishing baits contents safely and securely during transportation and handling, ensuring that lure products remain in pristine condition until reaching to customers. Additionally, designed with clear PET material, blister fishing lure packaging bag allows for visibility of the real state of lures products, enabling customers to see the products they are purchasing in detail.

Kraft paper bait packaging bag, made of renewable and recyclable material, not only features its natural and rustic aesthetic appearance, but also characterizes its degradable ability to cause less bad impact on environment. Besides, kraft paper packaging bags can also be customized and printed with various designs and product information. And our kraft paper bags left extra space for you to add more information about your brand value and products. Just need to stick your label on the pouch!

Why Choose Dingli Pack?

Quality Assurance

Food grade material certificated by FAD and ROHS standard.

Certificated by BRC global standard for packaging materials.

Quality Management System certificated by GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Professional & Efficient

Having been deeply involved in the flexible packaging bag industry for 12 years, exported to more than 50 countries, served more than 1000 brands, and fully understands customer needs.

Service Attitude

We have professional manuscript processing staff who can assist with artwork modification for free. We also provide both small-batch digital printing and large batch gravure printing services. We have extensive experience in supporting packaging products such as cartons, labels, tin cans, paper tubes, paper cups, and other packaging products.