Laser-scored Tear Notch

Laser-scored Tear Notch

Laser scoring allows packaging to be opened effortlessly, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and allowing brands to outperform competitors with premium packaging. Today increasing number of customers demand convenience, and laser scoring just nicely meet their requirements. These laser-scored packages are consistently preferred by consumers because they’re so easy to open.   

Our advanced laser scoring capabilities allow us to create pouches with a consistent, precise tear, without sacrificing packaging integrity or barrier properties. Score lines are exactly registered to print, and we’re able to control the score location. The aesthetic appearance of a pouch is unaffected by laser scoring. Laser scoring ensures that your pouches will look their best after they are opened, as opposed to standard tear-notch pouches without laser scoring. 

Laser Scoring
Laser Scored Tear Notch

Laser Scored Tear Notch vs Standard Tear Notch

Ease Of Opening: Laser-scored tear notches are specifically designed to provide a clear and easy-to-follow opening point. This makes it more convenient for consumers to access the contents inside the packaging. Standard tear notches may not be as easy to tear open, potentially resulting in having difficulties in tearing open the packaging.

Flexibility: Laser scoring allows for greater flexibility in design and customization. Laser-scored tear notches can be created in various sizes to suit your specific packaging requirements. Standard tear notches, on the other hand, typically have a predefined shape and location, limiting design options for your packaging bags.

Durability: Laser-scored tear notches tend to be more durable compared to standard tear notches. The precision of laser scoring ensures that the tear line is consistent and less prone to accidental tearing or damage. Standard tear notches may have such weaker points that could lead to unintended tears or partial opening.

Appearance: Laser-scored tear notches can contribute to a more polished and visually appealing packaging design. This consistent tear lines achieved by laser scoring can enhance the overall aesthetics of packaging, while standard tear notches may appear more rough or less refined in comparison.

Cost: Laser scoring is usually a more expensive option initially due to the specialized machinery required. However, for larger-scale production or when considering long-term efficiency and reduced waste from torn or damaged packaging, laser-scoring can be a cost-effective choice.

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