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De-metalized Window

The role of bags, in the present days, have not only been limited to packaging, but also have involved in promoting products and attracting potential customers’ attentions. With the development of printing technology, certain complex and demanding requirements for packaging design have been fully satisfied by the adoption of special manufacturing process. Meanwhile, de-metalization is definitely worth mention.

De-metalized, namely, the process of removing traces of metal from a surface or a material, especially from a material that has been subjected to a metal-based catalysis. De-metalization well enables aluminum layers to be hollowed out into a transparent window and just leave some important aluminized patterns on the surface. That is what we called de-metalized window. 

Bright Patterns

High Transparency

Excellent Shelf Displaying Effect

Strong Print Receptivity

Wide Applications

Why Choose De-metalized Windows For Your Packaging Bags?

Visibility: De-metallized windows allow customers to see the contents of the bag without opening it. This is particularly beneficial for products that need to be displayed or for consumers who want to quickly identify the contents of a package.

Differentiation: De-metallized windows can set your packaging apart from competitors. It adds a unique and modern touch to the design, making your product stand out on store shelves and attracting consumers' attention.

Consumer Confidence: Having a transparent window makes it easier for consumers to assess the quality, freshness, or other desirable attributes of the product before purchasing. This transparency builds trust and confidence in the product and brand.

Product Presentation: De-metallized windows can enhance the visual appeal of the packaging. By showcasing the product inside, it creates a more attractive and appealing display, which can positively impact consumer perception and increase the likelihood of purchase.

Sustainability: De-metallized windows offer an environmentally friendly alternative to fully metallized packaging. They can be made from recyclable materials, reducing the environmental impact of packaging waste.

De-metalized windows
De-metalized Pouch



Create Your Own De-metalized Pouch 

Our de-metalization process help you create a nice packaging that can nicely show the real state of your products inside. Customers can clearly know more about your products from this de-metalized window. Any colorful and intricate patterns can be created by de-metalization process, thus helping your products stand out from lines of diversified product items. 

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