3.5g Custom Printed Smell Proof Child Resistant Mylar Bags Weed Packaging Resealable Ziplock

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Style: Custom Printed Child Proof Resistant Mylar Ziplock Bags 

Dimension (L + W + H): All Custom Sizes Available

Printing: Plain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors

Finishing: Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination

Included Options: Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforation

Additional Options: Heat Sealable + Zipper + Round Corner

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Custom Printed Child Proof Resistant Mylar Ziplock Bags   

Have you imagined the worst effects of your child accidentally eating some cannabis products unpacked well? That is just too scary! Especially babies and toddlers, they like to go through phase where they want to put everything into their mouths, so it is important that you should have the right package to restrict the improper use of children. We know how important safety is to you and your children. That’s why we Dingli Pack offer you our child-resistant packaging attached a secure stash zipper inside, which is one of the most kid-proof and popular options in the flexible packaging. 

The necessity of smell Proof Kid Resistant Mylar Weed Bags

Customized smell proof mylar bags are a necessity when you are providing customers with cannabis. As we all know, most cannabis products have a strong smell, and if you’ve ever tried to store sunch items, you will konw how to seal this terrible odor in the packaging is how difficult a task it is. Eeven if you use traditional containers or plastic bags, the scent will still easily escape from them. At Dingli Pack, mylar bags weed packaging are perfectly intended for smell-proof packaging, effectively acting as prevention against the escape of strong odors. On the other hand, mylar bags are laminated with layers of aluminum foils, and the combination of these special materials make the entire bags more sensitive to light, oxygen and moisture. To greater extent, mylar bags are perfect for perserving the freshness of cannabis products. 

The function of Child Resistant Zippers on Your Bags

What’s more, due to its potential safety hazard, how to prevent children being touched accidentally is also an important issue worth thinking about. The design of two closures is designed to prevent these kinds of similar things happening. At Dingli Pack there are two ziplock closures inside the bags that must be turned or pressed at the same time to open the whole bags. These two zipper closures at the botton of opening, one is real, and the other one is fake, and you should press both of these two closures at the same time so as to open the whole bags. Our child-resistant zippers make for great kid-proof packaging, which are specially designed to  products that should not be consumed by children only. Smell proof child resistant weed mylar bags with kid proof ziplock by Dingli Pack are the best choice for your packaging of cannabis. 

Perfect Customization for Your Packaging

At Dingli Pack, mylar bags are available in varieties of sizes in width, height, length, thus you can choose the appropriate bags for your products. Dingli Pack is devoted to providing perfect customization service for customers around the world. At Dingli Pack, we also offer many design options, including craft paper, silver foil, matte finish, glossy finish, and more specialty finishes. All of these options allow for customization of diversified types and dimensions of your package!!! 

Product Features and Application

Custom Cannabis Bags in different dimensions

Available with Certified Child-Resistant Zippers

Premium, Photo Quality prints by Gravure and Digital Printing

Impress Customers with Awesome Effects

Perfect for Flowers, Cookies and all kinds of Cannabis Products

Product Details

Deliver, Shipping and Serving   

Q: How do you pack and customize the printed bags and pouches?

A: All the printed bags are packed 100 pcs one bundle in corrugated cartons. Unless you have requirements on your bags and pouches otherwise, we preserve the rights to make changes on the carton packs to be best paired with any designs, sizes, finishes, etc.

Q: What are the lead times normally?

A: Our lead times will highly depend on the difficulty of your printing designs and styles required by you. But in most cases our lead times lead timeline is between 2-4 weeks. We make our shipment through air, express and sea. We save between 15 to 30 days to deliver at your doorstep or nearby address. Enquire us on the actual days of delivery to your premises, and we will give you the best quote.

Q: Can I get one prined illustrations on every side of packaging?

A: Absolutely yes! We Dingli Pack are devoted to offering customized services for customers from all over the world. Available in customizing packages and bags in different heights, lengths, widths and also various designs and styles like matte finish, glossy finish, hologram, etc, as you like.

Q: Is it acceptable if I order online?

A: Yes. You can ask for a quote online, manage the delivery process and submit your payments online. We accept T/T and Paypal Paymenys as well.

Q: Can I get free sample?

A: Yes, stock samples are available, but freight is needed.


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