Why child resistant zipper so important for cannabis packaging?

Have you imagined the worst effects of your child accidentally eating some cannabis products unpacked well? That is just too scary! Especially babies and toddlers, they like to go through phase where they want to put everything into their mouths, so it is important that you should have the right package to restrict the improper use of children. We know how important safety is to you and your childrem. That’s why we Dingli Pack offer you our child-resistant packaging attached a secure stash zipper inside, which is one of the most kid-proof and popular options in the flexible packaging. 

The Necessity of Child-Resistant Mylar Bags

Nowadays, there are many hidden dangers that we cannot detect directly, let alone the children without safety awareness. Here, at Dingli Pack, we can provide you with child-resistant packaging, enabling your children to keep away from accidentally ingesting some items harmful to their health like cannabis. Meanwhile, even if cannabis products are commonly used in our daily life, children under five years of age can not distinguish the danger of them, so they may even put such dangerous ones into their mouths without adult’s supervison. Maybe you will put those of items put into high cabinet to prevent them from getting these items, but this way cannot solve the problems at all. Hence, child resistant mylar bags are a must for families with kids.  

 Special Characteristics of Our Child-Resistant Mylar Ziplock Bags 

Of all markets, most mylar bags child resistant packages use a closure that requires user to follow instructions to open bags, and that is too complex to open bags for many of us. While at Dingli Pack there are two ziplock closures inside the bag that must be turned or pressed at the same time to open the whole bags. These two zipper closures at the botton of opening, one is real, and the other one is fake, and you should press both of two closures at the same time. Our child-resistant zippers make for great kid-proof packaging, specially intended for products that should not be consumed by children only. 

As we all know, cannabis prouducts are vulnerable to humidity and moisture, thus taking cannabis away from wet atmosphere is the key to maintain its freshness. The whole packaging for child resistant zipper mylar bag is made of PET, totally lamintaed with layers of aluminum foils. With the function of these both two materials can exert great influences on protection against humidity and moisture so as to keep it fresh. On the hand, most cannabis products all have a strong smell, and how to seal its strong odor in the packaging is how difficult a task for many of us! Whereas, child proof resistant mylar ziplock bags are perfectly designed to be completely smell-proof. Smell Proof Mylar Weed Bags create an airtight seal that prevents terrible odors from escaping.  

Dingli Pack is devoted to providing perfect customization service to customers from around the world. At Dingli Pack, your specific requirements can be fully fulfilled in offering ranges of widths, lengths, heights of packaging and even featuring unique graphic patterns on either side of packaging. Unique design as glossy finish, matte finish, hologram, etc. can be chosen as you prefer. Functional enhancement, like resealable zipper, tear notch, hang holes can be added to stylish your own package. Believing that your product will be noticeable in lines of product on shelves!!! 

Post time: Apr-12-2023