Create Custom Coffee Packaging Bags

Create Custom Coffee & Tea Packaging Bags

Coffee and Tea now are going viral around the world, acting as one of the indispensable necessities of our daily life. Especially today with so many packaging available on shelves, it is important that your custom packaging bags are capable of helping your products stand out from competitive ones. Creating custom packaging will greatly facilitate your brand building capabilities. Make your coffee and tea products unique with a customized design!

Protective Measures for Storing Coffee Beans & Tea Leaves

Once packaging is opened, either coffee beans or tea leaves will immediately under threat to their flavor and taste from four detrimental factors: moisture, oxygen, light and heat. Even if exposed to these external factors for only just a short period of time, the whole contents inside will start to lose their aromas, become stale, and even develop rancid flavors. Hence well-sealed packaging bags for coffee & tea do matter to extend their freshness. 

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are the two main enemies affecting the quality of coffee, especially when beans are roasted. Adding a degassing valve to your
coffee bags enables the carbon dioxide to escape from packaging inside and prevents oxygen from entering the bags as well, thus helping maintain the flavor and freshness of coffee.

Another enemy of coffee beans and tea leaves are moisture, light, heat and other environment factors, such factors all greatly damaging the quality of coffee beans and tea leaves. Layers of protective barrier films fit well in protecting coffee and tea leaves inside against such external factors. Undoubtedly, with the help of resealable zipper, it functions well in extending shelf life of coffee and tea leaves.

Other Functional Features Available for Storing Coffee

Pocket zippers can be opened and closed repeatedly, allowing customers to reseal their pouches even if opened, thus maximizing the freshness of coffee and preventing them from becoming stale.  

Degassing Valve effectively allows the excessive CO2 to escape from bags and stops oxygen from entering back into bags, thereby ensuring your coffee stays fresh even longer.

 Tin-tie is designed to block moisture or oxygen from contaminating fresh coffee beans, mainly used for convenient storage and re-usable function for coffee. 

Common Types of Coffee & Tea Packaging Bags

Its bottom design allows itself to stand upright on shelves, giving it a prominent shelf presence and modern feeling, invisibly stimulating customers’ buying inclination.

 Stand up pouch features its excellent shelf stability, offering plenty of space for branding, and it is also characterized by its zipper that is easy for filling and resealing.

Side gusset bag is a strong, durable options well-suited to package larger quantities of coffee, tend to be less costly in storage and greatly efficient in filling.

Why Custom Coffee Bags for Your Brand?

Protect Coffee Quality: Nice custom coffee bags will well maintain the fragrance and flavor of coffee beans, further making your customers truly experience your premium coffee.

Visual Attractiveness: Well-designed packaging bags can make your products stand out from lines of competitive ones, giving customers such attractive visuality as to inspire their desire to buying.  

Establish Brand Image: Clearly printed brand logo, images, patterns on your pouches facilitate the improving of customers’ first impression for your brand.   

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Post time: Sep-15-2023