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Spouted Pouch is a new type of flexible packaging, always consisting of a pouch-shaped bag with a resealable spout attached to one of the edges. The spout allows for easy pouring and dispensing of the contents inside the pouch, making it a popular choice for liquid or semi-liquid products such as beverages, sauces, baby food, and cleaning products. In recent years, spout pouches have gained popularity as a sustainable packaging solution for a wide range of liquid products, offering both convenience for consumers and sustainability benefits.

Spout pouches, made from multiple laminated films, are typically characterized by providing excellent barrier protection against moisture, oxygen, and light, totally helping maintain the freshness and quality of the contents inside. Additionally, spout pouch can be easily flattened after use, reducing storage and transportation costs. Hence, creating custom spouted pouches for convenient use will capture customers’ attentions quickly among lines of packaging bags.

Spouted Pouch VS Rigid Liquid Packaging

Convenience: Spout pouches are generally seen as more convenient for consumers. They usually come with a resealable spout, allowing for easy pouring and no-spill capabilities. Rigid liquid packaging, on the other hand, often requires a separate pouring mechanism and may not be as easy to handle.

Portability: Spout pouches are typically lightweight and flexible, making them easier to carry around compared to rigid packaging. They are often used for on-the-go consumption, like juice pouches found in children's lunchboxes. Rigid beverage packaging, on the other hand, may be bulkier and not as portable.

Packaging Design: Spout pouches offer more flexibility in terms of design and branding. They can be printed with vibrant colors and have a larger surface area for displaying graphics and product information. Rigid beverage packaging, while it can also feature branding, may have limited design options due to its shape and material limitations.

Shelf Life: Rigid beverage packaging, such as bottles and cans, usually offers better protection against oxygen and light, which can help extend the shelf life of the beverage. Spout pouches, while they can provide some barrier properties, may not be as effective in preserving the drink for a long period, especially if it is sensitive to light or air exposure.

Environmental Impact: Spout pouches are often considered more environmentally friendly compared to rigid packaging. They generally use less material, require less energy in production, and take up less space in landfills when disposed of. However, rigid beverage packaging made from recyclable materials can also have a lower environmental impact if properly recycled.

Several Common Used Closure Options

We offer a wide range of spout options which are apt for storing varieties of food products.     Our spout can be designed in various shapes and sizes depending on the specific application, well helping ensure product integrity and prevent leakage. Below are some examples: 

Child-Friendly Spout Cap

Child-friendly Spout Cap

Child-friendly Spout Caps are typically intended for children using on food and beverage. This large sized caps are nice for prevent children from ingesting by mistake. 

Tamper-Evident Twist Cap

Tamper-Evident Twist Cap

Tamper-Evident Twist Caps are characterized by the tamper-evident ring that disconnects from the main cap as the cap is opened, ideal for easy filling and pouring.

Flip Lid Spout Cap

Flip Lid Spouts Caps feature a hinge and lid with small pin that functions as a cork to close the small dispenser opening,

Success Case Studies——Wine Spout Pouch With Tap

Wine Spout Pouch



This versatile packaging solution nicely combines the benefits of traditional pouch packaging with the added convenience of a tap. The large spout pouch with tap is a flexible and durable packaging option that offers a wide range of applications. Whether used for beverages, sauces, liquid products, or even household cleaning supplies, this pouch with a tap makes dispensing and pouring a breeze.

The tap allows for precise control during dispensing, minimizing waste and mess. With a simple twist or press, your desired amount of liquid can be easily poured or dispensed, making it ideal for both home and commercial use. Furthermore, this tap is also designed with a seal to prevent any accidental spills or leakage, ensuring that your product stays fresh for longer periods.

Additionally, this pouch itself is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to punctures and tears, providing added durability and protection. Upgrade your packaging experience with this large spout pouch with tap today and enjoy the ease and convenience it brings to your daily life.


Why Choose Our Spout Pouch For Your Products

Convenience and Portability: Our spouted pouches are lightweight and easy to carry, ideal for on-the-go customers for convenient consumption. Our small-sized spout pouches also fit well in taking out for travelling, well solving the difficult carrying problems.

Easy Dispensing: Our built-in spout allows for precise pouring and controlled dispensing of liquid products. This feature is particularly useful for products like sauces, beverages, or liquid detergents, where precise dosing is required.

Excellent Barrier Properties: Our spout pouches are made from multiple layers of flexible material, often including high-barrier films, which provide protection against moisture, oxygen, and light. This helps to maintain products’ freshness and extend their shelf life.

Resealability: Our spout pouches generally come with reclosable caps or zip-lock features, allowing consumers to open and reseal the pouch multiple times. This feature helps to preserve product quality, prevent spills, and maintain convenience for the end-user.

Sustainability Benefits: Our spout pouches are lightweight and require less material for production. They also take up less space during transportation, reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, some of our spout pouches are made from recyclable materials and can be easily flattened for recycling after use.

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