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What is Fishing Bait Bag?

Fishing Bait Bags are special containers used for storing and transporting fishing bait. They are typically made of durable and waterproof materials to protect the bait from water and other external elements. Fishing bait bags always come in various sizes and designs, and some common features of nice fishing bait bags are explained in detail as follows: 

Waterproof Ability: Fishing bait bags are often made of such materials like PVC and Plastic that are strongly resistant to water and moisture. This nicely helps keep the bait fresh and prevent it from getting waterlogged. 

Reusable Zipper Closures: Most bait bags are equipped with secure closures to prevent the bait from spilling out during transportation or fishing. This effectively reduces the problems of bait waste.

Hanging Holes: Many bait bags come with convenient hanging holes like round holes and euro holes, designed for easy carrying and transport. This allows fishers to easily bring their bait to fishing spots or move between different fishing locations. 

Easy to Clean: Fishing bait bags are often easy to clean. This facilitates the removal of any residue or odor from previous fishing trips, ensuring that the bags are clean and ready for reuse.

custom printed fishing lure bags

Extreme Thickness For Long Term Durability

Tear notch fishing lure bags

Clear and Unobstructed View of Bag Contents

zipper fishing bait bags

Gusseted Expansion Bottom For Max Capacity

Common Types of Mailer Packaging

Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers have a paper exterior with Bubble Wrap lined inside. They provide a good cushioning ability for inside delicate items. Bubble sizes will vary depending on the actual dimension and application of products. Generally speaking, the larger the bubbles, the safer your products.

Poly Bubble Mailers 

Either Bubble Mailers or Poly Bubble Mailers play important roles in protecting the contents inside. Poly mailers are made with bubble wrap but are completely plastic with no paper exterior. The polymer material gives added protection and more color options for poly bubble mailers themselves. 

Honeycomb Paper Packaging

In forms of bags, honeycomb sandwiched paper provides you with a more environmentally-friendly packaging solution than other traditional plastic-derivatives packaging. Its slit expanded 3D honeycomb structure provides excellent cushioning effect, nicely reducing damage during transit. 

Padded Envelope VS Bubble Mailer

custom printed bubble mailers

Weather Proof: Bubble mailers are fully wrapped by plastic materials and therefore are strongly resistant to such poor weather conditions. Whereas, padded envelopes are mainly made of paper materials, obviously affected by the environment and gradually getting wet and wrinkled.

Eco-Impact: Bubble mailers, made by recycled materials, actually have a lower negative environmental impact than padded mailers, thus helping generate slightly less carbon emissions and low level of pollution to the external environment.

Reusability: Both padded mailers and bubble mailers can both be reused. They each have a tear strip to enable customers to easily open them. However, bubble mailers enjoy stronger reusable ability than padded mailers, because of padded mailers needing folded over.

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