Why does digital printing on mylar weed packaging bags become so popular now?

Presently, varieties of packaging bags have emerged in an endless stream, and those packaging bags in novel design soon occupy the market. Undoubtedly, the novel designs for your packaging will stand out among packaging bags on shelves, grabbing consumers’ attention at the first glance of them, so as to further show off your brand image. Hence, packaging design is one of the most important factors influencing customers’ first impression of your brand. Interestingly enough, we should have to catch up with this trend and keep pace with this new fashion. So here exists a problem: How to customize my bags to make them more prominent of all pouches. Let’s move on and take a look at the customization service provided by Dingli Pack. 

The popularity of Digital Printing

Nowadays, digital printing continues to grow in popularity and as technology continues to improve, so does the quality of the work. With short turnarounds, lower cost and high-quality output, digital printing prevails in many projects as you prefer. Maybe offset printing is commonly seen before and little did you know more about digital printing. So what is digital printing? Let’s come and talk about more details about this kind of advanced technology of digital printing.

Unlike offset printing, digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substrates. In contrast to traditional offseting printing and silk screen printing, digital printing is no need for a printing plate so that it to some extent can help you save plate cost. Most importantly, instead of using metal plates to transfer an image, digital printing directly prints the images onto the media substrates, enabling the whole printing process to run faster and take less manufacturing time, so that you can receive your printed packaging as soon as possible. That’s why digital printing becomes so popular in packaging industries. 

The Advantages of Digital Printing

Moreover, digital printing enables additional advantages, inclucing:

Fast Turnaround Time: Due to their traditional printing process, offset printing and silk screen printing may take more weeks to produce perfectly stylish patterns on the whole bags, whereas digital printing can typically turn a job more quickly with its function of directly printing diversified patterns onto the bags. At Dingli Pack, with the help of digital printing, we enjoy the ability to make small print runs, thus our turnaround time is about 7 working days from the time we receive your approval to proceed.

Flexible Quantities: With digital technology, the printing process is significantly simplified. The printing process by advanced technology is as simple as writing letters on the paper by pen. Prior to digital technology, customers would always worry about the quantitative problems. Because many factories and industries only accept large-volume production, by the technology of digital printing, and many of them now are willing to accept small-scale orders. So there is no worry about that quantitative problems. Whether the production is large or small, we will be pleased to accept it. OUR MOQ IS 100 PCS. 


In the present time, digital printing technology is now evolving so quickly, and digital printing output quality is improving continuously. Believing that Dingli Pack with digital printing will help your own pouches stand out among diversified products!  

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Post time: Apr-18-2023