What Types of Flexible Packaging is The Best Choice for Snacks?

Increasingly Popular Trend of Snack Consumption

Because of snack easily acquiring, convenient to take out and light weight, there is no doubt that nowadays snacks have become one of the most common nutritional supplements. Especially with the change of people’s life style, consumers are more in pursuit of convenience, and snacks are nicely meeting their requirements, thus this is the key reason for the gradual rise of consumption of snacks. The growth in the demands for snacks will also naturally lead to the needs for snack packaging bags.  

Various kinds of snack packaging bags quickly occupy the packaging marketplace, so how to choose right snack packaging bags is a question worth considering for many brands and industries. Next, we will discuss different types of snack bags and you can get inspiration from them. 

Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches, namely, are pouches that can stand upright on their own. They have a self-supportive structure so as to be capable of standing out on the shelves, giving a more elegant and distinctive look than other kinds of bags. The combination of self supportive structure perfectly enables themselves to be visually appealing to consumers among lines of products. If you want your snacks products to stand out suddenly and to easily catch customers’ attentions at their first glance, and then stand up pouches must be your first choice. Due to stand up pouches’ characteristics, they are widely used in diversified snacks in different sizes, including jerky, nuts, chocolate, chips, granola, and then larger volume pouches are also suitable for containing multiple contents inside. 

Lay Flat Pouches

Lay flat pouches, commonly known as pillow pouches, are pouches that lay flat on the shelf. Obviously, these kinds of bags look like pillows, and widespread in packing puffed food products, like potato chips, biscuits, and shrimp chips. Compared to stand up pouches, lay flat pouches are lighter and more flexible, thus costing little in production time and manufacturing costs. Their pillow alike design adds a bit fun to snack packaging, which is really consistent with the shapes of puffed food items. Beside laying flat on the shelves, these kind of bags include a hang hole at the bottom side, and they can be nicely hung from a store rack, which also looks distinctive and awesome.   


chocolate roll stock

Rollstock, a special way of packaging snacks products, is printed and laminated layers of films on a roll. Because of its light and flexible characteristics, rollstock packaging is commonly used in small single-serve snacks including granola bars, chocolate bars, candies, cookies, pretzels. This kind of unique packaging takes up minimum space and easily acquires, thus ideal for packing energetic supplements for travel, sports and multiple uses. Additionally, rollstock comes in different styles in different sizes, perfectly printing your brand logo, color images, graphic patterns on every side as you like.    

Tailored Customization Services by Dingli Pack

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Post time: May-25-2023