What is the magic of eco-friendly stand up pouch?

Custom Printed Eco-friendly Packaging Stand Up Pouch Recyclable Bag 

If you’ve ever purchased bags of biscuits, pouches of cookies at the grocery or stores, you might have observed that stand up pouches with zipper are most favored in the packages, and maybe someone will consider why this kind of design appears so frequently? Undoubtedly it would present a fantastic branding impression in front of the consumers. Stand Up Pouch standing out perfectly in rows of goodies, easily grabbing consumers’ attention suddenly at the first glance. So why not choose this kind of design? But there is a problem: How to make my make my products more prominent besides the design of stand up pouch?

Un Unstoppable New Trend - Recycling

Environment-friendly awareness has been generally awakened recently and people have become more sensitive to the impact of their shopping decisions, so responding to environment-friendly consciousness does matter to impact on your brand imaging. The use of recyclable material is the general trend. So if you want to make a good position of your store in the market, you need to make a bit effort in its services. Meanwhile, packaging in Dingli Pack features in the use of recyclable material, quickly keeping pace with the current situation to fit well in diversified requirements made by customers, in contrast to ones made by traditional ones.

Functional Enhancements in Our Stand Up Pouch 

Wrapped by double layers of recyclable material named PE/PE, stand up pouches by Dingli Pack are standouts in the field of packaging bags. These double layers of PE/PE films offer additional brand differentiation from other competitive ones, fully embodying your brand’s environmental awareness. Also with the function of PE/PE, the whole packaging will be more cost-effective, more flexible, and lighter so that it uses up less material than traditional ones, and even takes up minimal space in storage and on shelves. On the other side, processed by strict procedure, double PE/PE films act as the strong barrier of external environment to prolong the longer shelf life for items inside, as well as a highly protective barrier against both moisture and vapor to preserve the freshness and taste of packaged food.

You might have also noticed that zipper is commonly seen at the opening of packaging. What is the main characteristics of it and how does it work? Let’s check about it. In most cases, the items in large net weight cannot be run out in just one time. The package with re-seal ability is going to prolong the freshness of items inside. The stand up bag’s zipper help protect the items inside from moisture, gas, odor, keeping your contents fresher to greater extent. Hence, if keeping content air-tight is important to you, then stand up bag may be the best choice for you! 

Perfect Customization for Your Packaging

Unlike other types of packaging, our stand up pouch enjoys its distinct looking, printed your brand, illustrations and diversified graphic patterns on different sides. As for Dingli Pack, your specific requirements can be fully fulfilled in offering ranges of widths, lengths, heights of packaging and even featuring unique graphic patterns on either side of packaging. Believing that your product will be noticeable in lines of product on shelves. Functional enhancement, like resealable zipper, degassing valve, tear notch, hang holes can be added to stylish your own package.

 Dingli Pack is devoted to providing perfect customization service to customers from around the world!

Post time: Apr-07-2023