What Is Embossing Printing? Why Embossing Functions So Popular?

What Is Embossing Printing?

Embossing is the process where raised lettering or designs are produced to create an eye-catching 3D effect on packaging bags. It is done with heat to raise or push the letters or design above the surface of packaging bags.

Embossing help you highlight the important elements of your brand logo, product name and slogan, etc, making your packaging nicely stand out from the competition.  

Embossing can nicely help create shiny effect on your packaging bags, enabling your packaging bags to be visually appealing, classic and elegant.

Why Choose Embossing On Your Packaging Bags? 

Embossing on packaging bags offers several benefits that can help make your product and brand stand out:

High-end Appearance: Embossing adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your packaging. The raised design or pattern creates a visually appealing effect on your packaging bags, making them even more visually appealing.

Differentiation: Among lines of products on shelves in the marketplace, embossing can help your brands and products stand out from competitors. The raised embossing is characterized by its unique and eye-catching design to catch the attention of consumers.

Branding Opportunities: Embossing can nicely incorporate your company logo or brand name into packaging design, helping strengthen your brand recognition and create a memorable impression for your customers.

Increased Shelf Attractiveness: With its visually striking and textured appearance, embossed packaging bags are more likely to grab shoppers' attention on store shelves. This can help attract potential customers so as to stimulate their purchasing desires.

Embossed Pouch

Embossing Applications

Embossing printing not only fits well in the design of mailers and business cards, but also is an excellent options for stylizing diversified types of packaging bags. Adding an embossed logo and brand name onto the surface of packaging bags can nicely help your pouches look more appealing and high-end, greatly enhancing brand image and stimulating potential customers’ purchasing desire. Here are some excellent examples as follows:

Boxes: Most paper material enjoys embossable ability, and the whole paper boxes can be embossed to add a special raised touch to their surface. An embossed design can look particularly luxurious on different types of packaging boxes.

Wrappers: Usually, these wrappers place a paper layer over an aluminum inner wrap. Such yummy treats as chocolate bars and other snacks can feature a foil-embossed logo for some color and eye-catching detail.

Braille: A broader audience may appreciate inclusive features such as braille, to help the visually impaired persons clearly know certain details and ingredients of contents inside, in case of their misuse substances bad to their health.    

Bottles: A nice embossed label bring class, extravagance and elegance to a bottle, widely used in designing such food products items like sauce, yogurts, and tea leaves. An embossed labels is an very versatile option for the design of bottles. 


Our Custom Embossing Service

At Dingli Pack, we offer professional custom embossing services for you! With our embossing printing technology, your customers will be greatly impressed by this exquisite and shiny packaging design, thus further showcasing your brand identity well. Your brand will leave an lasting impression just only by applying a little embossing to your packaging bags. Make your packaging bags stand out with our custom embossing services!

Post time: Jul-11-2023