What Are The Best Methods of Resealing Coffee Bags?

Since flexible packaging has gradually replaced such traditional packaging as cartons, glass jars, paperboard boxes, varieties of diversified brands and industries are turning their attention to flexible packaging design, and the increasing number of coffee brands are certainly no exception. Given the importance that coffee beans must keep freshness, one of the most important elements for coffee bags should be focused on is their resealability. Resealability enables consumers to reseal their coffee bag repeatedly when they cannot use up all the beans instantly. That does matter to storing large quantities of coffee beans.

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Why Resealable Ability Is So Important for Coffee Bags?

Coffee beans are vulnerable to quality changes caused by surrounding environment factors. That means the sealed and independent environment is crucial to storing coffee. Obviously, paperboard boxes, cartons, glass jars and even cans cannot strongly sealed coffee beans or ground coffee inside, not capable of creating totally sealed environment for the storage of whole coffee beans or ground coffee. That easily leads to oxidation, rancidity and spoilage, badly affecting the quality of coffee. Whereas, current flexible packaging wrapped by protective films enjoys relatively strong resealability. But that is certainly not enough to create a good environment for the storage of coffee. 

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Three Essential Resons Why Sealing Ability Does Matter to Coffee Bags:

The most important reason must be their strong sealing ability. The core purpose of the coffee bags is to prevent coffee beans from excessive exposure to the air outside, thus reducing the risk of deterioration. Wrapped by layers of protective films, flexible packaging nicely provides sealed environment against several negative environment factors like moisture, light, high temperature, etc, making coffee beans well protected inside the packaging bags.

Another reason that cannot be ignored is that well-sealed packaging bags can increase consumer confidence in your brand, which to some extent influences customers purchasing decisions. The resealable ability facilitates customers to reseal the packaging bags in unlimited cycles. Furthermore, the resealable ability brings great convenience to their daily life. Nowadays, increasing number of customers pay more attention to the quality and convenience of life.

Besides, contrary to rigid packaging, flexible packaging weighs less and takes up less space, and to some extent flexible packaging are cost saving in storage and transportation. In terms of the raw material of flexible packaging bags, applying in composite process, it is more sustainable than other types of packaging bags. Especially if you choose the proper material and strong seal, flexible packaging can be even fully recyclable. When it comes to nice coffee bags, without a doubt, flexible packaging is a more affordable choice.

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Tear Notch

Tin Tie

Three types of popular resealing features:

Tin Tie: Tin ties are one of the most common fitment for sealing coffee bags, widely used in gusset coffee packaging bags. Customers just need to cut off the heat seal to open the coffee bag, while resealing the coffee just requires to roll the tin tie and fold it over the side of bags.

Tear notch: Tear notch is also a traditional choice for facilitating sealing coffee bags. If you want to access the coffee beans out from the packaging bags, customers simply need to tear along the tear notch to open the bags. But, terribly, it just only uses to open once.   

Pocket Zipper: Pocket zipper is concealed inside the coffee bags, with a strong airtight sealing ability, thus to some extent nicely protecting the inside coffee from interference by external environment. Once open, customers can easily access the inside coffee beans and then after use they just employ the zipper to reseal the opening.

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Post time: Jun-07-2023