What are the benefits of spouted pouch?

Stand up pouches have several applications in our day-to-day life and have become significantly important part in the liquid beverage packaging. Due to they being extremely versatile and easily customized, stand up pouches packaging have become one of the fastest growing packaging formats. Spouted pouches are a type of flexible packaging bags, acting as a new economical and environmentally friendly alternative, and they have gradually replaced rigid plastic bottles, plastic tubs, tins, barrels and any other traditional packaging and pouches.

These flexible pouches are not only used for packing solid food stuff, but also suitable for storing liquids, including cocktails, baby food, energy drinks and anything else. Particularly, for children’s food, quality assurance of food is paid more attention to, thus the requirements of packaging will be more strict than others ones, enabling growing number of manufactures to turn to use spouted pouches to packaging fruit juice and vegetable puree for babies and children.

Another reason why spouted pouches become so popular is that these packaging bags well employ spout, this fitment helping users easily pour the liquid out. In addition, with the help of spout, the liquid is allowed to be filled into packaging easily and be dispensed freely. What’s more, the spout is narrow enough to prevent the liquid from spilling in case of hurting skin and other items. 

In addition to being suitable for loading liquid with large quantities, spouted pouch bags are also ideal for packaging small volumes of liquid food items such as fruit puree and tomato ketchup. Such food items fit well in small packets. And spouted pouches come in diversified styles and sizes. Spouted pouch in small volume are easy to carry around and even convenient to bring and use during travelling. Compared with large quantities ones, small packets of spouted bags just need to open the twist spout and then squeeze the food items outside from bags, these steps just only taking a few minutes to pour the liquid of food items out. No matter what sizes in spouted bags, their convenience enable spouted pouches perfect packaging pouches.

Benefits of Spout Packaging:

With spout pouch packaging, your products will enjoy the following benefits:

High convenience - your customers can access the content from spout pouches easily and on the go. With spout attached to the packaging bags, pouring liquid out is easier than ever before. spouted pouches come in different sizes, and large quantities ones are suitable for household necessity while small volumes ones are perfect for packing juice and sauces to bring them out.                                                                                                                                                                     

High visibility - In addition to self-supporting structure, spouted packaging can be freely customized, making your products stand out on the retail shelves. With the right choice of graphics and designs these pouches can be made even more attractive.   

Eco-friendly - In comparison to rigid plastic bottles, spouted pouches cost significantly less material than conventional ones, meaning they consuming less raw material and production cost.


Dingli Pack are specialized in flexible packaging of more than ten years. We strictly abide by the strict production standard, and our spout pouches are made from an array of laminates including PP, PET, Aluminum and PE. Besides, our spout pouches are available in clear, silver, gold, white, or any other stylish finishes. Any volume of packaging bags of 250ml of content, 500ml, 750ml, 1-litre, 2-litre and up to 3-litre can be selectively chosen for you, or can customize them according to your size requirements. 

Post time: May-09-2023