Create Custom Snack Packaging Bags


 Custom Snack Packaging Bags

There is no doubt that snack consumption is on the rise. Increasing number of consumers gradually tend to seek for those light-weight and well-sealed snack packaging bags to extend freshness for their snack foods. Today various types of snack packaging bags emerge in an endless stream. Partnering with Dingli Pack to make your own snack packaging does matter to win your customers’ heart.

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Some Storage Problems Also Faced With

Generally speaking, the storage problems of snacks mainly include the following points:

How to Keep Dry: Most snacks are sensitive to moisture that will greatly cause snacks and treats become soft, moldy and even spoiled. So the dry environment is beneficial to storing snacks items.

How to Prevent Spoilage: Some ingredients in snacks are susceptible to spoilage due to overly exposure to oxygen, light, and heat. Hence well-sealed packaging bags do matter to keeping the dryness of snacks inside.

How to Prevent Moths: Such snack foods as curry potato chips, spicy biscuits and jerk will contain some oily ingredients, vulnerable to infection by moths and pests. So the functionality of protective barrier films is essential for preventing moths.   

Functional Features Available For Snack Packaging At Dingli Pack

At Dingli Pack, our team of professional staff will work with you to create nice custom packaging bags to fit your needs. With over ten years of manufacturing experience, we’re specialized in helping your packaging bags stand out on shelves. Some of functional features available for snack packaging include:

Protective Barrier Films: Metallized films well create dry and dark internal environment for storage of snack foods, effectively avoiding the occurrence of food spoilage and oxidation.    

Windows: Add a clear widow to your snack packaging can give customers the opportunity to see clearly the state of snacks inside, nicely enhancing their curiosity and trust in your brand.  

Zipper Closures: Such zipper closures facilitate packaging bags to be resealed repeatedly, reducing the situations of food waste and extending shelf life for snack foods as possible.   

Tear Notches: Tear notch allows your whole packaging bags to be tightly sealed in case of food spillage, meanwhile, allowing your customers to access snack foods inside with ease.

Full Print: Vibrant images, graphics, patterns in full print help create your packaging bags as unique as your brand, differentiating your products from others on retail shelves.

Hang Holes: Add a hanging hole on the top side of packaging bags enables your pouches to be hung on racks, offering more eye-level visibility to customers when picking great snack products.

custom snack packaging bags

Features of A Nice Snack Packaging Bag

Maintain Freshness: Well-sealed packaging bags can effectively prevent snacks from excessive exposure to moisture and oxygen, fully maintaining the freshness and taste of snacks.

Puncture-Resistance: Barrier layers function well in offering strong protections for the integrity of snack products in case of their crushing during transportation.   

Easy to Carry: Nice flexible snack packaging features its malleable ability, easy to carry, making it ideal for on-the-go customers to enjoy snack foods anytime and anywhere.  

Visual Attractiveness: Stylish snack pouches with exquisite designs, bright colors, and clear prints will quickly catch customers’ eyeballs at a glance, stimulating their purchasing desire. 

Post time: Sep-15-2023