• What’s the Difference Between CMYK and RGB?

    What’s the Difference Between CMYK and RGB?

    One of our clients once asked me to explain what CMYK meant and what the difference was between it and RGB. Here’s why it’s important. We were discussing a requirement from one of their vendors which called for a digital image file to be supplied as, or converted to, CMYK. If this conversion is n...
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  • Talk about the importance of packaging

    In people’s lives, the external packaging of goods is of great significance. Generally there are the following three realms of demand: First: to meet people’s basic needs for food and clothing; Second: to meet people’s spiritual needs after food and clothing; Third: trans...
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  • Why the product needs packaging

    1. Packaging is a kind of sales force. The exquisite packaging attracts customers, successfully attracts the attention of consumers, and makes them have the urge to buy. If the pearl is placed in a torn paper bag, no matter how precious the pearl is, I believe that no one will care about it. 2. P...
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  • Inventory of important information about the global paper packaging industry

    Nine Dragons Paper has commissioned Voith to produce 5 BlueLine OCC preparation lines and two Wet End Process (WEP) systems for its factories in Malaysia and other regions. This series of products is a full range of products provided by Voith. Higher process consistency and energy-saving technolo...
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  • New recyclable materials are expected to be used in food packaging

    When people began to send potato chip bags back to the manufacturer, Vaux, to protest that the bags were not easily recycled, the company noticed this and launched a collection point. But the reality is that this special plan only solves a small part of the garbage mountain. Every year, Vox Corpo...
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  • What is an environmentally friendly plastic bag?

    Environmentally friendly plastic bags are short for various types of biodegradable plastic bags. With the development of technology, various materials that can replace traditional PE plastics appear, including PLA, PHAs, PBA, PBS and other polymer materials. Can replace traditional PE plastic bag...
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  • The infinite benefits that biodegradable plastic bags bring to people

    Everyone knows that the production of degradable plastic bags has made a great contribution to this society. They can completely degrade the plastic that needs to be decomposed for 100 years in just 2 years. This is not only social welfare, but also the whole Country’s luck Plastic bags hav...
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  • The history of packaging

    The history of packaging

    Modern packaging Modern packaging design is equivalent to the late 16th century to the 19th century. With the emergence of industrialization, a large number of commodity packaging has made some fast-developing countries begin to form an industry of machine-produced packaging products. In terms of...
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  • What are degradable packaging bags and fully degradable packaging bags?

    What are degradable packaging bags and fully degradable packaging bags?

    Degradable packaging bags mean that they can be degraded, but degradation can be divided into "degradable" and "fully degradable". Partial degradation refers to the addition of certain additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizers, biode...
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  • The development trend of packaging bags

    The development trend of packaging bags

    1. According to the content requirements, the packaging bag must meet the needs in terms of functions, such as tightness, barrier properties, firmness, steaming, freezing, etc. New materials can play an important role in this regard. 2. Highlight the novelty and increase...
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