How are spout pouches are made?

Spouted stand up pouches are commonly used in our daily life, covering wide ranges of areas, ranging from baby food, alcohol, soup, sauces and even automotive products. In view of their wide applications, many of customers prefer using lightweight spouted stand up pouches to package their liquid products, which is now a very popular trend in the market of liquid packaging. As is known to us all, liquids, oils and gels are extremely difficult to package, thus how to store such liquid in right packaging pouches has always been a topic of heated discussions. And here still exists a problem worth pondering. There is the possibility of liquid leaks, breakage, contamination and other various perceived risks that even to great extent damage a whole product. Due to such defects, lack of perfect liquid packaging will easily lead to the contents inside losing their initial quality. 

Hence, this is one reason why growing number of customers and brands are choosing flexible packaging instead of traditional containers like plastic jugs, glass jars, bottles and cans for their liquid products. Flexible packaging, like spouted stand up pouches, can stand up upright among lines of products on the shelves to attract the attention of customers at first glance. In the meantime, most importantly, this kind of packaging bag is able to expand without bursting or tearing especially when the entire packaging bag is filled with liquid. Besides, the laminated layers of barrier film in spouted stand up packaging also ensure the flavor, fragrance, freshness inside. Another important element on top of spout pouch named cap functions well, and it helps pour the liquid out from packaging easier than ever before.

When it comes to spouted stand up pouches, one feature must be mentioned is that these bags can well stand up upright. As a result, your brand will obviously stand apart from the other competitive ones. Stand up pouches for liquid also stand out because the wide front and back pouch panels can be nicely paired with your labels, patterns, stickers as you need. Additionally, owing to this design, stand up pouches with spout are available in custom printing in up to 10 colors. Any diversified requirements on spouted liquid packaging can be meet. These types of bags can be made from clear film, printed graphic patterns inside, wrapped by hologram film, or even the combination of these such elements, all of which are sure to attract the attention of the undecided shopper standing in the store aisle wondering which brand to buy.

At Dingli Pack, we design and produce flexible packaging with unique fitments that meet the varied needs of our customers whose industries range from wash supplies to food and beverage. Additional innovative fitment of spouts and caps offer new functionality to flexible packaging, thus gradually becoming an important part of liquid packaging. Their flexibility and durability benefit a lot to many of us. The convenience of spouted bags has long appealed to the food and beverage industry, but thanks to new innovations in fitment technology and barrier films, spout pouches with caps are gaining more attentions from various fields.


Post time: Apr-27-2023