Are Spouted Pouch Eco-Friendly?

The Increasingly Popular Trend of Eco-Friend Awareness

Nowadays, we are increasingly concerned about environmental awareness. If your packaging reflects environmental awareness, it will attract customers’ attention in an instant. Especially today, spouted pouches act as one of the most popular packaging formats in the liquid beverage industry. Whether spouted pouches have the environmental protection attribute are heatedly discussed among all works of life. Similarly, at Dingli Pack, we are also conscious about the various effects spouted pouch have on the environment. Compared with glass jars, steel cans, and plastic pots, spouted pouches are believed to be more environmentally friendly than other ones in terms of their production, raw material used and waste caused and toxic substances released during the procedure. In view of above situation, we have already optimized our custom spouted stand up pouches point to point. In the mean time, we are working hard in making all our stand up pouches recyclable and flexible.

Efficient and Economical in Spouted Pouches

In order to detailedly show the environmental protection of spouted pouches, we will next compare three types of packaging bags with spouted pouches in various aspects. As is known to us all, traditional packaging pouches of plastic pots, glass jars and steel cans all perform the same functions of loading liquid and packing food items, but the complexity of their production is totally different, thus the raw material used and waste caused in the production process will be greatly distinguished from each other. Those differences significantly contribute to their attribute of environmental protection. Due to their flexible and light-weight characteristics, spouted stand up pouches are cost-saving and efficient in production procedure and used raw materials. Hence, in terms of efficiency and cost-saving, spouted pouches are more economical and efficient than other current recycling rate for the other packaging options. Undoubtedly, spout pouches are a growing environmentally friendly alternative to packaging bags, and they are gradually taking up the most important part in the marketplace.

What’s more, due to they being convenient and flexible, spouted stand up pouches packaging are becoming ideal packaging solutions for various industries especially for food, drink and beverage industries. Nowadays, the selections of packaging pouches are not only focused on their functions of containing the items, but also focused on their durability and their attribute of superb hygiene. Particularly, spouted pouches with aluminum foils have high barrier properties,  great for protecting products from moisture and other outside factors such as oxygen and light.

Tailored Customization Service Provided by Dingli Pack

Dingli Pack, with 11 years experience of designing and customizing packaging bags, is devoted to offering perfect customization services for customers from all over the world. With all of our packaging services, different finishing touches like matte finish and glossy finish can be chosen as you like, and these finishes styles to your spouted pouches right here are all employed in our professional eco-friendly manufacturing facility. In addition, your labels, branding and any other information can be printed directly onto the spout pouch on every side, enabling your own packaging bags are prominent among others. 

Post time: May-10-2023