All kinds of tobacco bags, we can do it whenever you want !

The main product of our company is packaging bags, a variety of food packaging bags, like candy packaging, chips packaging, coffee packaging. There are a lot of different types for the bags, for example, zipper bags, zipper stand-up bags, spout pouch, special-shaped bags, cannabursts bag,skittles medible bags,weed bag,tobacco bag etc.

Today Let ‘s talk about the shaped bag (Shaped pouch) which is the most famous bag style recently.

As the name suggests, the shape of the special-shaped bag is different from the ordinary bag, it is irregular, and the shape is different. Our company accepts customization for any product, and we will design, typeset and produce according to the requirements of our customers. The following pictures are all the finished products with customized special-shaped bags, some of the designs are made by us, and we found the different shape is very attractive and people can see it immediately. 

xdrf (1)
xdrf (2)

The main materials of the special-shaped bag are formed by PE and PET and aluminum plating.

PE, full name polyethylene, is a thermoplastic resin, this material is odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax, has excellent low temperature resistance, and good chemical stability, can withstand most of the acid and alkali attack, insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, water absorption is small, there is good electrical insulation performance. PE is commonly used in pharmaceutical and food packaging films, daily necessities packaging, coatings and synthetic paper, etc.

PET, Polyethylene terephthalate, is the main variety of thermoplastic polyester, commonly known as polyester resin. PET has excellent mechanical properties, oil resistance, fat resistance, dilute acid and alkali resistance to most solvents, and PET has low permeability to gas and water vapor, and has excellent water, vapor, oil and odor properties. PET has high transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, and has good gloss.

Special-shaped bags are divided into four categories in the finished product: glossy, matte, soft touch, and laser.

The glossy special-shaped bag is that the surface of the bag is shiny.

xdrf (3)

The matte special-shaped bag is that the surface of the bag is matte material, does not have a reflective function, and has better light avoidance performance.

xdrf (4)
xdrf (5)

The soft touch film special-shaped bag is a BOPP matte film with a special velvet smooth and delicate touch on the surface of the bag. The soft touch film special-shaped bag has good wear resistance; it has an excellent sense of color, and the hue will not be lost after fitting; the fog is high, and it has a more special matte effect.

xdrf (6)
xdrf (7)

Laser special-shaped bags are used on the surface of the bag with laser processing technology to achieve a reflective and colorful effect.

xdrf (8)
xdrf (9)

The opposite sex spout pouch is to customize the bag according to the requirements of the guest, most of the products are jelly bags, dairy products, juices, health care products and with this special shape, it will make the product more interesting and attractive, especially for the animal’s shape, the children like it very much. 

xdrf (10)

To pursue for special effect, some clients like to print the inside of the bag too. With this design, the logo or photograph can be printed on the inside of the bag, so that the customer's product can be avoided from being counterfeited and forged by others. 

xdrf (11)

Most of the customers who customize special-shaped bags are used to hold tobacco, incense, weed. In order to avoid children opening the bag because of curiosity, we have specially designed a special way to open the bag - the bag has two openings, but if it is opened on the same side, it is impossible to open the bag, the correct way to open is to open the bag with two hands on and off, pull it hard, and the bag can be opened. This design can be a good way to prevent children from accidentally eating or touching sharp objects, so as to avoid danger of children without the company of family members or adults.

xdrf (12)

We are still looking forward to making more new and innovative bag styles, same for the bag material structure. Plastic is not good for environment, so we are searching recyclable and biodegradable material in the same time. At any time, we hope to help our clients pack their products better and more perfectly.

Post time: Mar-17-2022