4 Advantages of Stand Up Pouches

Do You Know What Are Stand Up Pouches? 

Stand Up Pouches, namely, are pouches with a self supportive structure at the bottom side that can stand upright on their own. 

Have you ever found such a phenomenon, that is, the more and more flexible stand up pouches on the shelves are becoming more and more common, gradually replacing traditional rigid packaging like glass containers and paperboard boxes. Have you ever wondered why standing pouches are becoming increasingly popular? In fact, stand up pouches have countless advantages and benefits, that is why standing pouches can quickly occupy the market.

Since standing pouches have so many advantages and benefits, then let’s follow us and take a look at how many advantages of stand up pouches. Here are the 4 advantages of stand up pouches that usually are beneficial to among manufacturers, suppliers and customers:

1. Diversified Shape & Structure

Stand up pouches are available in diversified styles in different shapes with various sizes. The most common stand up pouches are the followings: Spout Pouches, Flat Bottom Pouches, Side Gusset Pouches, etc. And then different types of stand up pouches will present different shapes and forms, widely applied in wide ranges of industries and fields of food, medicine, beverage, cosmetics, household necessities and anything else. In addition to regular styles, standing pouches can even be customized into unique shapes, making your custom packaging bags stand out from other kinds of packaging bags. 

Flat Bottom Pouches

Spout Pouches

Stand Up Zipper Bags

2.Cost-saving in Storage & Space

When it comes to advantages and benefits of stand up pouches, it has to be mentioned that stand up pouches are cost-saving in among transportation, storage, and space. Because of their abilities of standing independently, standing pouches are not only significantly taking up less space than lay-flat bags, but also enjoying lighter weight and smaller volume, thus to some extent reducing costs both in transportation and storage. In other words, in terms of cost reduction, it is more wise to choose standing pouches than other types of packaging bags. 

3.Convenience Features 

Now customers are more and more like to bring items out, so they value more if packaging bags enjoy the ability of convenience and ease of portability. And standing pouches well meet all these requirements. The resealable zipper closure, attached onto the top side, well creates a great dry and dark environment for storing contents items. The zipper closure are reusable and resealable so that it can extend the shelf life of items. Besides, other additional fitments firmly fixed onto stand up packaging bags, like hanging holes, transparent windows, easy-to-tear tear notch all can bring convenient experience to customers.    

Tear Notch

Resealable Zipper

Transparent Window

4. Product Safety

In terms of stand up pouches, one important benefits that cannot be ignored is that they can better guarantee the safety of products inside. Especially by relying on the combination of zipper closures, standing pouches can perfectly create a strong sealing environment so as to ensure food safety. The airtight ability also enables stand up to pouches to provide barrier against such external elements as moisture, temperature, light, air, flies and more. In contrast to other packaging bags, stand up pouches well safeguard your contents inside.

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Post time: Jun-02-2023