What is spout pouch? Why does this bag become so popular for liquid packaging?

Have you ever met this kind of situation that liquid always easily leaks from traditional containers or pouches, especially when you attempt to pour liquid out from packaging? You may obviously noticed that the leaking liquid can easily stain the table or even your hands. That is so terrible when faced with this similar problem. Hence, the need for the perfect liquid beverage packaging is arising nowadays. Today, varieties of liquid spout bags have emerged into markets, making customers picky about the functionality, design, specification of packaging. So here is the question: How to choose right liquid packaging to meet your diversified needs?

The Popularity of Spouted Stand Up Pouches

In the recent years, stand up spout pouches are commonly seen on the shelves, thus becoming a fairly recent but already significant development in liquid product packaging. Maybe someone will wonder why these spouted stand up pouches can occupy a rather important position in the marketplace. In view of their unique features, stand up pouches for liquid can provide an excellent protection against vapor, odor, moisture, air and light to further maintain the freshness, fragrance and flavor of contents inside. Besides, they also offer additional features that benefit both your customers and you. Here are the characteristics of stand up pouches spout packaging as follows. 

The Strength of Liquid Spouted Bag 

Stand up pouches, scientifically laminated by layers of formulated films together, are designed to create a strong, stable, puncture-resistant barrier against external environment. For beverages and other perishable liquids, in view of unique design in stand up pouches with cap, freshness, flavor, fragrance, and nutritional qualities or chemical potency in liquid is perfectly sealed in spout pouches packaging. Despite the strong protection of spouted stand up pouches, they remain quite flexible and durable, enabling them to be conveniently stored in the garage, hall closet, kitchen pantry and even refrigerator. Convenience is, of course, also a by-product of the special cap on top of whole packaging, named tamper-evident twist cap, featuring tamper-evident ring that disconnects from the main cap as the cap is opened. Such typical cap applies universally in food and beverage packaging, because of its protection against spills and leaks of liquid and beverage in addition to extending the shelf life of the contents. Additionally, another innovative fitment functions well in spout packaging is a kind of new element called spigot, making pouring liquid and beverage more easy. You just push the bottom on the spigot and the liquid inside the bag will easily stream down in case of leaking and spilling. Owing to such those characteristics, stand up spout bags fit well in the storing liquid and beverage.  

Perfect Customization for Spouted Stand Up Pouch

What’s more, speaking of spouted stand up pouches, one feature cannot be ignored is that these bags can stand up. As a result, your brand will stand apart from the competition. Stand up pouches for liquid also stand out because the wide front and back pouch panels accommodate your company labels or other stickers, are suitable for custom printing in up to 10 colors, can be made from clear film, or any combination of these options, all of which are sure to attract the attention of the undecided shopper standing in the store aisle wondering which brand to buy.

Post time: Apr-26-2023