Types of plastic bags and common types of materials

Ⅰ Types of plastic bags

Plastic bag is a polymer synthetic material, since it was invented, it has gradually become an essential part of people's daily life because of its excellent performance. People's daily necessities, school and work supplies and so on all have the shadow of plastic. Not only in daily necessities, plastic is also widely used in various industries such as medical and construction. In particular, plastic bags, which are light in weight, large in capacity and can store various things, have become an indispensable and important assistant in people's lives. Here are some of the various classifications of bags made of plastic.

1.Vest bag

Because the shape of some plastic bags and people's daily life wear an undershirt is very similar, so people will call it an undershirt bag, can also be called a vest bag. This kind of bag will generally use a material called PO as the main production material. Because the production process of the vest bag is simple and versatile, can be used in supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores, wholesale markets and other places, so once became one of the essential things in people's daily lives. However, due to the problem of undershirt bags raw materials, resulting in serious environmental pollution, after the enactment of the ban on plastic, the country began to restrict and ban the production and production of such barbed.

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2.Carrying bags


This bag is different from the undershirt bag, it is made of a non-toxic, non-polluting material, safe and hygienic, will not cause serious pollution. Moreover, the tote bag is generally applied to clothing, gifts, stationery and other good-looking, packaging fashionable and good-looking, easy to carry, popular with people.

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3.Self-adhesive bags

Self-adhesive bags are also called sticky bags, self-adhesive plastic bags, OPP, PE and other materials for the production of the main material. Because of the good printing effect of self-adhesive bags, can print a variety of patterns, so the production and processing plant has been the outer packaging of many products, such as food, jewelry, etc.. Because the self-adhesive bags are not strong enough toughness, it is easy to be torn, but also produced and processed into many food packaging bags, in the production of such bags, the general use of paste closure.

There are many other types of plastic bags, depending on from which aspects of the classification.

Ⅱ Common types of materials


Plastic bags, plastic packaging bags have become essential items in people's production life, the current plastic bags, PVC bags, composite bags, vacuum bags, PVC packaging bags, plastic film and other kinds of commonly used plastic products market demand, so the production volume is also very large, in the production and manufacture of plastic packaging bags, plastic factories will generally choose which commonly used materials?
First, polyethylene is the largest amount of plastic bags, plastic products, the most important material, is currently the world's most ideal contact food bag material, the market for food packaging bags are generally made of the material. Polyethylene light and transparent, has the ideal moisture-proof, oxygen-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, heat sealing and other advantages, and non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, in line with food packaging health standards.

Second, polyvinyl chloride / PVC, is currently the world's second largest plastic species after polyethylene, is the ideal choice for plastic packaging bags, PVC bags, composite bags, vacuum bags, can also be used for books, folders, tickets and other covers of packaging and decoration, etc.

Third, low-density polyethylene is the largest amount of plastic packaging printing industry in various countries, suitable for blow molding method of processing into tubular films, suitable for food packaging, daily chemical products packaging, fiber products packaging, etc.



Fourth, high-density polyethylene, heat and steam resistance, cold and freezing resistance, moisture, gas, insulation performance, and is not easy to break, the strength of low-density polyethylene two times, is a common material for plastic bags.

Fifth, biaxially oriented polypropylene film, its mechanical strength, folding strength, air density, moisture barrier better than ordinary plastic film, due to the transparency of this plastic film is excellent, the color reproduced after printing extra bright and beautiful, is an important material for plastic composite flexible packaging.

Sixth, shrink film is also a common substrate for plastic packaging bags, in use by hot air treatment or infrared radiation will shrink, after heat treatment tightly wrapped in the packaged goods, the contraction force reaches its maximum in the cooling phase, and can be stored for a long time.
These are plastic bags, plastic packaging bags, composite bags, vacuum bags and other common materials for plastic products, with the development of technology and continuous progress, more environmentally friendly, green environmentally friendly plastic bags, plastic products will become the future direction of development and trends.

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