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Top pack has been building sustainable paper bags and providing retail paper packaging solutions across a broad range of market sectors since 2011. With over 11 years of experience, we have helped thousands of organizations bring their packaging design to life. We maintain strict on-site QC programs ensuring there are no delays, color imperfections, or quality issues. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and work practices are tailored for each customer. You can trust us to handle your packaging demands at any volume with the highest quality you deserve.

At Top pack Factory, design can be changed as per clients' requirements, the quality is consistent. We offer a full spectrum of packaging boxes solutions from custom gift boxes,paper boxes, and cardboard boxes. Custom is the name of our advantages, and each product can be fully personalized with many custom rigid boxes materials to choose from. We also provide one-stop service from designing, printing, handicraft processing, packing, to logistics service!

Here Let me introduce the three common categories, kraft paper bags, paper boxes, plastic bags.

Kraft paper bag.

Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, in line with national environmental standards, with a high degree of egg, high environmental protection, is currently one of 

the most popular international environmental protection packaging materials. Kraft paper bags made of kraft paper are increasingly 

widely used, in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and other places shopping
General will have kraft paper bags supply, convenient for customers to carry the purchased items. Kraft paper bags are an 

environmentally friendly packaging bags.

People usually choose brown kraft paper bags as gift bags, shopping bags, packing bags. Simple and simple mixed with a little bit of sentiment, the log color returns strongly with a natural atmosphere, the complex and dazzling colors and various decorations are gradually abandoned by the times, looking for the natural and original taste, returning to the true self, the most simple log color has become the most fashionable 's luxury. Top Pack primary color kraft paper bags are not printed in color, and each one exudes a faint fragrance, fully demonstrating the vitality of wood. The natural texture, light texture, and innate natural beauty reach people's hearts, warmth, simplicity and fashion!

Packaging paper boxes

Packaging paper boxes belong to the common types of packaging in paper product packaging and printing; the materials used are corrugated paper, cardboard, gray backing board, white card and special art paper; some also use cardboard or multi-layer light embossed wood board combined with special paper to obtain a more solid support structure. There are many categories of products that can be applied.

In terms of the materials used for cartons, cardboard is the main force. Generally, the paper with a weight of 200gsm or more, or a thickness of 0.3mm or more, is called cardboard. The manufacturing raw materials of cardboard are basically the same as paper, and it has become the main production paper for packaging cartons due to its strength and easy folding characteristics. There are many types of cardboard, and the thickness is generally between 0.3~1.1mm. Corrugated board is mainly used to make outer packaging boxes to protect commodities in the distribution chain. There are many types of corrugated paper, including single-sided, double-sided, double-layer and multi-layer.

How to choose plastic packaging bag?

Now our daily life, plastic packaging bags have been involved in all aspects of our life, often used, especially common is the clothing packaging bags, supermarket shopping bags, PVC bags, gift bags, etc., so how in the end the correct use of plastic packaging bags it. First of all, we need to know that plastic bags can not be mixed, because the packaging of different items should be purchased by the corresponding plastic bags. Like food packaging bags are produced specifically for packaging food, its materials, and processes are high requirements for environmental safety; and chemical, clothing, and cosmetics and other plastic bags, they are different because of the different needs of the production process will also be different, and such plastic bags are not able to be used for packaging food, otherwise it will cause harm to human health.

 When we buy plastic packaging bags, many people will habitually choose thick and sturdy bags, and we usually think that the thicker the better the quality of the bags, but in fact, not the thicker and stronger the better the bag. Because the national requirements for the production of plastic bags are very strict standards, especially for use in food packaging plastic bags, it is necessary to use the regular manufacturers produced by the relevant departments for approval of qualified products. Plastic bags for food must be marked with "food special" and "QS logo" such word mark. In addition, you can also see whether the plastic bag is clean against the light. Because qualified plastic bags are very clean, no impurities, however, poor quality plastic bags will see dirty spots, impurities. This is also a good way to visually judge the quality of plastic bags when we buy and sell them on a daily basis.

Plastic packaging bags can not be mixed, packaging different items should be customized to the corresponding plastic bags. Such as food packaging bags are produced specifically for packaging food, its raw materials, processes and other environmental safety requirements are high; and chemical, clothing, cosmetics and other plastic bags because of the different needs of the manufacturing process will be different, and such plastic bags can not be used for packaging food, or human health damage will be formed.

What is the process of customizing packaging bags?

Undeniably, the small packaging bags in many production-oriented enterprises, occupy a very important position. Many food factories, garment factories, hardware factories, electronics factories, cosmetics factories need a large number of exquisite packaging bags, but many times the existing bags and unsatisfactory, either the quality is too poor, or can not meet the product upgrade needs, the urgent need to customize a number of bags to better meet the needs of business development, that the process of customizing bags is specifically how to proceed? I believe that many companies want to understand, professional flexible packaging manufacturer Top Pack packaging below to fully explain the process of customizing bags.

1.Packaging bag design documents.

Customers can provide AI.PSD. and other format source files to our design department for design layout. If you do not have a design, you can communicate with our designers, we can help provide design ideas, our design team will be planning, the planning of the drawings to be handed over to you to confirm that there is no problem, that can be the next step in the process

2.Packaging bag printing copper plate

Depending on the actual demand, we will make the printing layout and printing copper plate based on the planning drawings, raw materials and process requirements, which will take about 5-6 working days. In the case of digital printing, this step is not required.

3.Packaging bag printing and lamination

After the printing is completed to carry out then is the heat seal layer as well as other functional film layer compounding, compounding is completed after the need to ripen. After the compounding is completed, the compounding situation is detected and the bad places are marked, and then slitting and rewinding is carried out.

4.Bag making

Slitting and rewinding the rolled film, placed on the corresponding bag-making machine for bag-making. Such as zipper bag-making machine, can manufacture stand-up pouches with zipper, eight side seal bags, etc.

5.Quality inspection

In the quality inspection of the bags, we will get rid of all the divergent products to achieve 0 divergent products out of the factory and pack only the qualified products.


Finally, the bags are ready to be shipped to your country.

Post time: Nov-25-2022