The production process and advantages of food packaging bags

How are the beautifully printed food standing zipper bags made inside the mall supermarket?


  1. Printing process

If you want to have a superior appearance, excellent planning is a prerequisite, but more important is the printing process. Food packaging bags often directly touch the food, so the conditions of printing is also very strict. Whether it is ink or solvent, should be in line with food inspection specifications.


  1. The composite process of standing zipper bag manufacturers

Most of the food packaging bags are selected composite structure, the advantage of this is to make the package with heat sealing, and can block the ink layer to prevent contamination of food. There are many different forms of compounding, and now the general use of compounding methods are mainly solvent-free composite, dry composite and extrusion composite. Different compounding methods have different advantages and disadvantages, these are the food manufacturers need to pay attention to.

  1. The maturation process

Can the material be processed immediately after lamination? No. Because the lamination glue is not completely dry, the strength of the lamination is very low at this moment, and the material will be very easy to present delamination. At this time, it is necessary to enhance the compounding strength by maturing. The so-called maturation is to let the material in a more stable temperature (generally more than 30 degrees) natural storage, the time is generally a few to dozens of hours, the role is to accelerate the process of glue dry, greatly enhance the strength of the composite.


  1. Food standing zipper bag manufacturer slitting and bag making process

Generally speaking, after enough time of maturation, the specified scale of slitting and bag making process can be carried out. Slitting is to cut from large rolls of material into small rolls of material, to facilitate food manufacturers on the automatic machine packaging; bag making is in accordance with customer requirements, through the bag-making machine made of policy bag shape.


  1. Inspection process

Excellent product quality is closely related to the severity of inspection work. After the products are finished, they have to go through a lot of manual inspection work to remove the defective products. Only when the products pass the inspection can they be delivered to customers.

The four advantages of food packaging bags

  1. Meet the protection requirements of various commodities

Food packaging bags can be used for gas, grease, solvents and other various chemical barrier requirements. Can ensure the preservation of food, sterile, five toxins, no pollution.


  1. The packaging process is simple and cost-saving

Food packaging bags can be packaged by themselves, no need for complex technology, anyone can be skilled in packaging operations. High efficiency, low labor costs.


  1. Environmentally friendly materials do not pollute nature

Food packaging bag materials are selected from safe and environmentally friendly materials, these materials can be recycled after use, or burning, will not cause any harm to nature.


  1. According to customer requirements customized design beautiful and beautiful

Food packaging bags are printed according to customer requirements, different products customers have different printing requirements, can reach different products with different design styles, so that the product is more popular with consumers.

Post time: Feb-04-2023