Market demand for mylar bags

 Why do people like the packaging products of shape mylar packaging bag?

The appearance of shape mylar packaging bag is of great significance to the expansion of packaging design forms. After being made into a flexible packaging bag and packaging fruits and candies, it has the characteristics of being novel, simple, clear, easy to identify, highlighting the brand and company image, and can achieve excellent packaging display and promotion effects, so more consumers will Like different styles of products, our company will also customize different die cut mylar bags according to people's preferences to meet the needs of more customers.

Now more and more people demand shape packaging bags.Design according to the preferred colors and fashion styles of consumer groups, develop customers in need for their own international markets, meet consumers' dependence on products and brands, and continuously improve their product design.

What are the design features of shape mylar packaging bag?

The design of the shape mylar packaging bag highlights different styles, the designer designs according to different needs and ideal shapes. In addition to the change in the shape of the packaging bag, shape mylar packaging bag can also add many application functions, such as adding hand holes, zippers, and mouths. In addition, with the change of the bottom shape of the stand-up pouch, a large liquid stand-up pouch with a capacity of 2 liters with a porthole and a mouth can be made for packaging heavy-duty liquid products such as edible oils. Another example is adding aircraft hanging holes on lightweight packaging to facilitate hanging sales on supermarket shelves; some liquid packaging for refills can use imitation mouth-shaped mylar packaging bags for easy filling. For example, in the packaging of laundry detergent, a corner that can be interlocked is designed on the packaging bag. When in use, the two can be buckled together to form a clever handle and a pouring mouth.

What are the types and material structures of shape mylar packaging bags?

(1) Three side sealing shape mylar packaging bag

Three side sealing shape mylar packaging bag is based on the three-side sealing bag to punch out a variety of patterns to meet the requirements of food packaging and reflect the intuitive and distinctive personality of the product, such as the shape of various fruit slices and candy packaging bags It is designed into the corresponding fruit shape and personality shape.

(2) stand up shape mylar packaging bag

The stand up shape mylar packaging bag is designed on the basis of the stand-up bag. Different characters, buildings, objects, animals, etc. can be designed into stand up shape mylar packaging bags, which mainly reflect the intuition and brand image of the object.

(3) stand up shape mylar packaging bag with zipper

The stand up shape mylar packaging bag with zipper adds a zipper to the stand up shape mylar packaging bag, which mainly reflects the convenience of the bag and provides consumers with a better experience.

(4) stand up shaped spout pouch

The stand up shaped spout pouch mainly adds a suction nozzle on the basis of the stand up shape mylar packaging bag, which highlights the novelty of the product in the products containing liquid, and also provides more interest for some consumer groups.

shape mylar packaging bag is similar to ordinary flexible packaging bag, the main structure is PET/PE, PET/CPP, BOPP/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, PET/Al/NY/PE, PET/NY/PE and other structures, its printing and compounding process is similar to that of ordinary packaging bags.

Post time: Sep-16-2022