Advantages and applications of spout pouch

In today's fast-developing society, more and more convenience is required. Any industry is developing in the direction of convenience and speed. In the food packaging industry, from simple packaging in the past to the present various packaging, such as spout pouch, are all packaging forms designed with convenience and speed as the starting point. Its characteristics are that it can stand on its own without any support, it is easy to carry, and it meets hygiene and quality standards. Then let's learn about the advantages and wide application of the spout pouch!

  Advances in spout pouch materials and processing technology have played a decisive role in obtaining shelf space in flexible packaging, extending the shelf life of food and beverages packaged in a pouch at room temperature. Consumers believe that many products packaged in individual spout pouches have a good brand image and are easy to use. After zipping, the self-supporting spout pouch can be resealed again and again. A self-serve pouch with suction spouts makes pouring food more convenient; rips are the ideal pac. Refrigeration of liquid foods such as beverages and dairy products.

  The spout pouch has a variety of options for raw materials (PE, PP, multi-layer foil composite, or nylon composite); the perfect printing quality is a soft plastic packaging that helps retailers to attract consumers' attention, so it is light in weight, not easily broken.

  spout pouch is a new type of packaging pouch. Self-supporting pouches generally include a self-supporting zipper pouch, self-supporting spout pouch, etc. Because there is a pallet at the bottom that can pack a pouch, it can stand on its own and function as a container.

  The spout pouch is generally used for packaging food, electronic products, daily mouth, and so on. On the other hand, the self-supporting suction pouch developed through the development of the self-supporting packaging pouch is widely used in the packaging of fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinks, jelly, and seasonings. That is, for packaging related products such as powders and liquids. This prevents liquids and powders from spilling out, making them easy to carry and easy to open and use repeatedly.

  The spout pouch stands upright on the shelf through the design of colorful patterns, which reflects the excellent brand image, which is easier to attract the attention of consumers and adapts to the modern sales trend of supermarket sales. After using it once, customers will know its beauty and be welcomed by the majority of consumers.

  As the advantages of spout pouches are understood by more consumers, and with the strengthening of social environmental protection awareness, it will become the future development trend to replace bottles and barrels with stand-up pouch packaging and replace the traditional non-resealable flexible packaging.

  These advantages can make the self-supporting spout pouch one of the fastest growing packaging forms in the packaging industry, and it is regarded as a classic of modern packaging. The spout pouch is more and more widely used, and it has more and more physical advantages in the field of plastic packaging pouches. There is spout pouch in the fields of beverages, detergents, and pharmaceuticals. There is a rotating cover on the pouch of the suction spout. After opening, it cannot be used. You can keep it with the cover and continue to use it. It is airtight, hygienic and will not be wasted. I believe that spout pouches will be more widely used in the future, not only in the packaging of the food and daily necessities industry, but also in more other fields. spout designs are also constantly being tweaked to create consumers who offer more performance services.

What can the spout pouch be used for?

The spout pouch is a new type of plastic flexible packaging developed on the basis of the stand-up pouch. It is mainly divided into two parts, namely stand-up and spout. Self-support means that there is a film at the bottom, and the suction spout is a new material of PE, which is blown and injected, which fully meets the requirements of food grade. Then let's learn about what the suction spout pouch can be used for!

  The packaging material is the same as the ordinary composite material, but according to the different products to be installed, the material of the corresponding structure needs to be used. The aluminum foil spout packaging pouch is made of aluminum foil composite film, which is made of three or more layers of film through printing, compounding, cutting and other processes. Aluminum foil material has excellent performance, opaque, silvery, shiny, and has good barrier properties, heat sealing, heat insulation, high/low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance retention, odorless, softness and other characteristics, so many manufacturers All on the packaging.

  Straw pockets are generally used for packaging liquids, such as juices, beverages, detergents, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc. There are various types of spouts in the spout pouch, so there are long spouts for jelly, juice, and beverages, spouts for cleaning products, and butterfly valves for wine. Specifications, sizes and colors can be designed according to the packaged products, and the materials are complete. There are aluminum laminate films, aluminum laminate films, plastic composite materials, nylon composite materials, etc., depending on the material, the function and scope of use are also different. The pouch type is a common stand-up pouch and a special-shaped pouch full of individual characteristics, and the display effect varies with the pouch type.

  As the advantages of flexible packaging with a mouth are understood by more consumers, and with the continuous strengthening of social environmental protection awareness, it will become a trend to replace flexible packaging with a mouth, replace it with a bucket, and replace the traditional flexible packaging that cannot be resealed with a flexible packaging with a mouth. . The advantage of the spout pouch over the general packaging format is portability. The spout pouch fits easily in backpacks and pockets and has the feature of diversifying the company's business scope as the contents decrease. 

  If the spout pouch can be used as a retort, and the inner layer of the packaging pouch needs to be made of retort material, even a 121 high-temperature retort can be used to eat, then PET/PA/AL/RCPP is suitable, and PET is the material of the outer layer printed pattern. The in PA to be printed is nylon, which itself can withstand high temperature; AL is aluminum foil, which has excellent barrier properties, light-shielding properties, and fresh-keeping properties; RPP is the inner heat-sealing film. Ordinary packaging pouch can be heat-sealed if they are made of CPP material. The retort packaging pouch needs to use RCPP or retort CPP. Each layer of film also needs to be compounded to make packaging pouch. Of course, ordinary aluminum foil packaging pouch can use ordinary aluminum foil paste, but the packaging must use retort aluminum foil paste. Step-by-step stuffed with details to make the perfect packaging.

Post time: Sep-09-2022